About AF

My name is Amanda, I have been in the leisure industry since 1998 and have gained a long, up-to-date list of qualifications. Loving every second.

I have worked with some incredible people over the years. Some who I would consider the best in their fields and some who were champions in their chosen sports.

Let's achieve your goals

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best rehabilitation and disability specialists to injury and recovery professionals. 

The gained experience in these fields means I have a unique skill to offer all my clients giving them the best programmes to suit their needs.

Let's change your lifestyle

After Covid I had the chance to create my own space for personal training. 

If you join AF you will be greeted by myself and my very friendly springer spaniel inside my private gym in Seaton town centre; where you are driven to achieve and attain your goals and ultimately achieve so much more than you ever thought possible.

Fun fact: my passion and dedication led me to compete in the world championships in kickboxing.

Client Testimonials

Jo B

Even though I have always wanted to be fitter, I have never been able to stick to any exercise routine for more than a couple of weeks. April 2021 I joined one of Amanda's fitness classes and had a in-depth assessment with her. The combination of these got me started on a weekly exercise programme and it is solely down to Amanda's approach and style as a personal trainer that I have stuck to it since then religiously for nearly two years. I am self employed and travel all over the country, and the flexibility of online PT when I am away has certainly helped me. I now enjoy training and the physical benefits are evident.

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