Do you suffer from lack of movement or are you in pain?

Rehabilitation comes in many many forms. Replacement of joints; learning movement again or re-joining pathways that have stopped firing. The range of this is vast and I love seeing the progress that my client’s rehabilitation achieves. Whatever your needs we will get there together, and you will have support the whole way throughout your journey.

Certificate in health related fitness and exercise science (Leeds Metropolitan University), Sports and recreational and allied occupation, Adapting fitness for adolescents, Advanced principles of nutrition to physical activity.

  • Restoring to former lifestyle
  • Ability to move more freely
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • More balance
  • Support throughout


Client Testimonials

Sarah L

I have always suffered with a bad back and at times have really struggled to work and go about daily routines. Since training with Amanda I can now say I don’t have a bad back and enjoy a full active lifestyle, I don’tever think “what about my back"

Please note, you must have an assessment before any personal training.

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