Personal Training & Coaching

Personal training is exactly that, personal. I'm here to help you meet your goals whatever they are. From walking with confidence to living more efficiently whatever you can imagine these are your own fitness, strength and lifestyle goals.

From taking steps towards making healthier lifestyles, building confidence, or helping you reach a specific goal.

First of all, we start off with a full body assessment. I record your current body stats and measurements which will help me create a personalised training plan, and will serve as a valuable tool in the pursuit of your personal goals. We'll take a look at these results on a regular basis, to help monitor improvement. PT can improve your physical conditioning, your mental health and your confidence as well as your fitness and strength. Taking this step can also help steer your mentality towards everyday better choices.

  • Personal service to help achieve YOUR goals
  • Improving physical and mental health
  • Regularly assessing results
  • Confidence
  • Feel better and lift your mood


Client Testimonials

Jo B

Even though I have always wanted to be fitter, I have never been able to stick to any exercise routine for more than a couple of weeks. April 2021 I joined one of Amanda's fitness classes and had a in-depth assessment with her. The combination of these got me started on a weekly exercise programme and it is solely down to Amanda's approach and style as a personal trainer that I have stuck to it since then religiously for nearly two years. I am self employed and travel all over the country, and the flexibility of online PT when I am away has certainly helped me. I now enjoy training and the physical benefits are evident.

Please note, you must have an assessment before any personal training.

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